On site salon/barber services including but not limited to: shampoo and style, cuts, sets, color and perm. Salon services deducted from resident trust funds.

Clinical Laboratory Services

Blood or urine tests used to diagnose, treat and /or  management of a residents overall health.

Daily Activities

Townview provides group and individual activities to enhance the
social and psychological well being of our residents.


Assessment and treatment of hearing, balance and other related disorders.

Dental and Vision Services

Dental and vision plans available by enrollment. Services occur within the facility to avoid outside appointments. Residents must qualify for the program.

Diagnostic X Ray

The mobile diagnostic x-ray service keeps our residents in their
own environment, prevents further risk of injury, decreases unnecessary
outpatient and hospital visits.

Discharge Planning

Our Social Worker and Interdisciplinary Team will assist in
the discharge goals, plan and preparation from admission to post discharge.

Pet Visitation

Many elderly benefit and experience joy from our furry friends ask
about our pet visitation policy.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

PT, OT and Speech therapy provided by our outstanding in-house therapy team. 


Treating a wide range of issues in regards to the foot, ankle and lower extremity. Maintenance is very important to keeping the residents mobile.


End of life service provided by a contracted company working hand in hand with our Townview team.   Enhancing quality of life and comfort.

Palliative Care

Symptom and disease management- provided by a contracted company that works hand in hand with our Townview team.

Med Options

MediTeleCare partnered with Townview to improve the
mental health of our residents that require intervention with services like Mental Health Evals, Medical Health Therapy, Medication management

Diabetic Care

Diabetic care is completely individualized and can include such things as foot care, medication management, monitoring blood sugars and dietary modifications.


Are you a caregiver? Respite care is a temporary, short term stay for your loved one. The intention is to give the caregiver time to rest and recuperate. Let us care for your loved one while you take care of yourself.


Electrical impulses applied to the muscle to improve muscle function, decrease pain & promote healing.


For pain relief and to promote tissue healing.

Touch Talk

A portable table designed to help aphasic patients communicate..

Vital Stim

Non-invasive electrical current to stimulate muscles responsible for swallowing.

Caregiver Training

Our in-house therapists will educate and train caregivers prior to a resident discharge, if needed, to ensure a safe discharge for both the caregiver and the resident.

Mental Health Evals